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Rhythm Fun Preschool sessions have two purposes:

  1. To encourage children to participate and have fun playing music
  2. To teach children basic musical concepts in a way that is engaging, fun and builds their confidence.

Currently there are two workshops tailored to Kindergarten children with both being approximately one hour long:


Rhythm Fun Introduction

Popular with teachers of 3 year old groups but very appropriate for 4 year olds too, children are introduced to all parts of the drum kit and explore tone, pitch, tempo and rhythms by using their bodies, singing, dancing and playing different percussion instruments.  All children have the opportunity to play on the drum kit at the end of the session which is a big ‘hit’ (pardon the pun) with children and teachers!


Multicultural Rhythm Fun

Best suited to 4 year old preschool groups, this session introduces children to rhythms and percussion instruments from Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and indigenous Australia.  Children explore what the instruments are made of, how they are used and where in the world they arise from.  Just like Rhythm Fun Introduction, children play different percussion instruments, sing, dance and have lots of fun while learning and also get to have a bash on the drum kit.


Children who have experienced a Rhythm Fun workshop will have used and developed many skills in a short timeframe including:

  • Using their perceptual motor skills to create beats and rhythms
  • Using numeracy skills to count beats
  • Working collaboratively with their peers, taking turns and using their listening skills
  • Developing an understanding of musical concepts such as pitch, tempo and tone
  • Developing an understanding of the different parts of a drum kit and the way it can be used to create different sounds
  • Exploring different rhythms and being exposed to different cultural music styles
  • Gaining experience playing different percussion instruments

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